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How to Organise Kids Party Games With Funky Frog Discos

Kids party games are the life and soul of any child’s birthday party: Games keep each guest engaged, excited, and feeling like a special part of the celebration. For this reason, we here at Funky Frog Discos have dedicated much of our 20-plus year career in the party hosting industry to developing and refining an extensive selection of party games for kids. If you’re looking for party games ideas, you’ve come to the right place.


Organising Kids Birthday Games: 4 Tips

  1. Choose games based on your child’s age. While school-aged children tend to like competitive elimination games, younger children typically get confused and overwhelmed by this style of game. Toddler party games should be kept simple, with the emphasis placed on fun and participation; that’s why we’ve developed our special Music Mania session for kids under 5.


  1. Choose games based on your child’s interests. While music is universally enjoyed by children—that’s why our ACE disco parties are such a hit with kids of all ages—it’s always a good idea to make sure the games and activities at your child’s party reflect his or her unique hobbies and interests. A sporty child, for example, will love sport-themed kids birthday party games and relay races, whereas an artistic child will prefer our ‘arty party’ package. (Remember, too, that even if you’re not having a disco party, you can still play musical games; we find that they’re a great way to hold the attention of very young children.)


  1. Make sure your childrens party games encourage everyone to participate (and that includes you, too!) Encouraging participation goes beyond just offering prizes (though that is extremely important); you’ll also need to pick games that keep everyone invited involved at all times. After all, no child enjoys sitting off in a corner after being eliminated from a game. That’s why all of our elimination games are designed to keep everyone playing: After someone is deemed ‘out,’ he or she is immediately brought onto the judge’s panel. Likewise, remember that many kids (especially younger kids) absolutely love it if the grown-ups present play along, too. If you’re not sure how to fairly participate in games for kids party experts like us—who have been doing so for decades—will be able to walk you through it. We offer a range of fun and easy games to play with kids of all ages.


  1. Always get your child’s input when choosing games. We’ve noticed that school-aged kids and teenagers are far more likely to participate in games they’ve had a hand in choosing. That’s why we take the time to ask the guest of honour what his or her favourite games are (and what his or her favourite music is); we always make sure we can tailor your child’s party to suit his or her interests.

What Types Of Birthday Party Games For Kids Are Offered By Funky Frog Discos?

Some of the most popular games for parties we offer include:

  • Pass the parcel;
  • Pass the box;
  • Name that song;
  • Balloon games;
  • Ball games;
  • Pin the tail on the donkey (we’re happy to adjust this game to suit any theme);
  • Learning dance routines (e.g. the Macarena, Nutbush City Limits, Gangnam Style, the Hokey Pokey, and even the Chicken Dance);
  • Conga Line;
  • Limbo;
  • Musical Statues;
  • Musical Squares;
  • Disco Dice;
  • Sing-a-long to your favourite song.

When you hire our DJs to help you organise kids party games, you’ll have access to all of these—and many more! We’re always happy to take suggestions from the children and parents we work with, so don’t hesitate to ask us about designing customised games to suit your party.


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