1st Birthday Party Ideas

For a Memorable 1st Birthday, Choose Music Mania

For parents, a 1st birthday is both overwhelmingly wonderful—celebrating their child’s momentous first year of life—and potentially challenging. After all, unlike when dealing with an older child or toddler, we can’t ask our one-year-olds for feedback on what kind of party they would prefer. It’s down to the parents to plan absolutely everything… And that’s why a little help from Funky Frog Discos goes a long way.

Why Choose A Musical First Birthday Party?

Let’s face it: Holding and maintaining the attention of a group of one and two-year-olds is hard. Having just learned to walk, all these adorable tots want to do is move—running around, climbing the furniture, opening doors and drawers…

Here at Funky Frog Discos, we know how to embrace and work with the natural energy and curiosity of one-year-olds.

That’s why we developed our signature “Music Mania” session specifically for children under five: With the assistance of parents and caregivers, we use the power of music to channel the verve of toddlers into a joyous, cohesive, once-in-a-lifetime milestone experience.


Music is the ideal theme for any 1st birthday party as music has been shown to increase the attention span of young children—making it incredibly engaging—and to stimulate areas of the brain responsible for pleasure, listening, and expression.

Just as music helps adults to relax, bond with each other, and generally ‘let off steam,’ so to does it help children under five to get into the ‘groove.’

Music is also intrinsically tied to memory, meaning that your toddler is more likely to hold onto recollections that are strongly tied to music.

 Music Mania: One Of The Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas

As part of our professionally-designed Music Mania program, your child will spend his or her 1st birthday being encouraged to dance, sing, and even give playing musical instruments a try.

We also bring a range of other games and activities along with us, in the event that some children wish to diverge from the group and seek a different form of entertainment.

Above all else, we believe that young children should be free to follow their inner joy and curiosity, so we arrive equipped to ensure that everyone in attendance can have a wonderful time.


Funky Frog Discos has many years of experience working with small children and their caregivers in order to create memorable 1st birthdays, so you can rest assured that our party sessions will be well-organised, safe, and completely reflective of the needs and preferences of your baby.

We love having the opportunity to meet and work with children and their families, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like our help in making your child’s 1st birthday an unforgettable celebration.

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