Double Digit Party Ideas

There are several major milestone birthdays to look forward to in life, and hitting the double digits is one of them.

Popular party themes for this age group include pool parties, laser tag, movies, bowling, putt-putt, rock climbing, and go cart racing to name a few. If none of those double digit party ideas appeal to you, or you want something that will entertain guests of both genders, most personalities, all abilities and ages, the safest and easiest option since the 70’s, is still a disco.


Whether guests are strutting their stuff on the dance floor, or quietly singing and tapping away to their favourite songs, almost every human being on the planet relates to music on some level.

As a disco is almost always indoors or undercover, there is no need to worry about a contingency plan should the weather not go to plan on the day. You also get a lot more value for money as discos are generally a flat rate, not a per person charge.

You don’t need a huge house to have a disco; a living room, garage or undercover deck works just as well. If you do think you will need more space, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to hire a local hall.

Decorations are always nice, however, for a disco party, I recommend you don’t go overboard as the professional lighting takes care of creating the atmosphere, especially if you have a room that can be made as dark as possible.

In my experience, the food at this age works well when kept super simple and to a minimum. The children are having so much fun at the party, they tend to just pick during meal time. Water should be available throughout the event as a disco with friends can certainly work up a sweat. Party bags are still a hugely popular with this age group and are a nice way to thank the guests for contributing to the occasion.

When you book a disco party with a professional DJ who specialises in parties for children, you should be getting a whole lot more than a party with some pre-recorded music playing from an Ipod or similar.

Your DJ will generally turn up at least an hour before the start of the event to set up, so the professional portable DJ booth, sound system, and light show are ready to WOW the guests as they arrive.

Prior to the party, most DJ’s will encourage the guest of honour to provide them with a list of their favourite songs so they’re available to enjoy during the event. Additional songs and party games will be added to suit the age group, theme and mood of the crowd on the day.

Many 10-year-old children love to compete. Dance offs, Lip Sync, Karaoke, Rap or Breakdancing comps are a huge hit for this age group. Throw in a few funky disco themed prizes including flashing and glow products as well as some sweet treats, and the crowd will be screaming for more.

While there will be plenty of the children’s favourite songs being played, there should always be more in store to keep the kids on the dance floor. Regardless of age, party games are always fun, they provide a little structure to the event and encourage participation.

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A mobile DJ that specialises in discos for kids, shouldn’t be hidden behind the desk playing tunes the whole time, they should be interactive party hosts who are highly experienced in getting as many kids as possible involved, even if it’s assisting with the running of the show.

When booking your kid’s DJ, make sure all of their equipment has been tagged and tested, that they carry a current Working with Children Blue Card, can provide you with a risk assessment and their public liability insurance details.

To give yourself peace of mind, contact the DJ a few days before the event (if you haven’t heard from them) to make sure everything is on track, including any requested songs. A good DJ will give you a call on the day so you can relax knowing everything is running as smoothly as it should be.

You only get one chance to make the double digit birthday special and memorable for all the right reasons, if you choose the entertainment wisely, everything else will fall into place.

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