Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Our Top 12 Tips For Planning An Awesome Party

Here at Funky Frog Discos, we know how important finding the best kids birthday party ideas is; after all, your child’s birthday party sets the tone for his or her entire year. To help you ensure that your child has the most amazing celebration possible, we’ve compiled 12 essential kids party ideas and tips:

  1. Start by setting aside a budget. You’ll need to put aside enough money to cover catering and entertainment (this includes decorations and any costuming your child might need). You may also wish to a hire a venue if you’re hosting a large celebration.
  1. Hire a DJ. Having a DJ on board means much more than just having access to professional sound and lighting equipment or having an Emcee present. A DJ is a professional party host who will work with you from start to finish: Our DJs will help you decide on the best games and activities for your party and then organise and lead said events; they will also work directly with your child to create the perfect bespoke event (reducing tension between parents and teens) and provide an objective voice to keep activities orderly and fair.
  1. Consider picking a theme. Having a theme really brings a party together: Not only will the decorations, kids party invitations, kids party bags, prizes, etc. all match nicely, the guests will have a blast dressing up and discussing each other’s attire. Kids party themes are also a great way to add an aura of ‘playing pretend’ to your party.
  1. Download our free Funky Frog Discos party planner. To make staying on track with your party planning easier, we’ve leveraged our 20+ years of experience coordinating kids parties to create an easy-to-use free planner.
  1. Make sure to design informative and detailed kids birthday invitations. Your invitations should both set the ‘scene’ for the party by reflecting its theme and let your guests know any pertinent information they need in order to attend: The dress code, the kind of activities to expect, when the party begins and ends, and so on. To make sure you don’t miss any details, download our free ACE invitations and thank you cards from the members page on our website.
  1. Remember that whether you’re looking for boys birthday party ideas, birthday party ideas for girls, 14th birthday party ideas, or 4th birthday party ideas, games and activities are an absolute must. Games keep your guests excited and engaged, provide a cohesive structure for your party, help strengthen the bonds of friendship, and make each child feel like a vital part of the celebration. With our range of age-appropriate games, activities, and prizes, every child you invite to your party will walk away feeling special, appreciated, and rewarded. Likewise, our games are designed so that all children are participating at all times (either actively or as judges) so that no one who attends ever feels left out.
  1. Provide party favours to your guests. Party favours are an expected way to say ‘thank you’ to your guests; they also help to minimise feelings of jealousy among young children as everyone will be getting gifts at the party. Party favours don’t need to be expensive, but they should always be personalised.
  1. When looking for boys party ideas, remember to choose very ‘active’ games.Boys have a lot of energy to burn off, so we’ve designed our Active Kids Party session to include a range of fabulous outdoor games boys love: They can run an obstacle course, play ball or balloon games, water games (if it’s warm enough!), parachute games, have relay races, and much more. Additionally, we’re happy to tailor these activities to suit any age or ability level—our goal is to make everyone feel like a champ.
  1. Include a relaxing activity at the end of the party to help kids wind down.Your guests’ parents probably won’t like it if their sons or daughters return home ready to bounce off the walls, so before the party ends, we recommend switching over to calming, creative activities. We offer a range of creative arts and crafts sessions, such as jewellery making, bag making, and drawing. Our multi-talented party hosts are able to instruct art classes for kids Brisbane art teachers would be proud of.
  1. Consider hiring a female party host. Many parents and caregivers find that they prefer a female DJ and party host, particularly when working with young children who need motherly patience and encouragement. We’re proud to employ some of the best female DJs in the kids entertainment industry.
  1. Purchase a party package to make organisation easier. Here at ACE we offer packages, such as our Music Mania package, that are structured to reflect different age groups and genders, making the party planning process much simpler than it would be if you started from scratch. You won’t have to spend hours thinking up fun party ideas when you work with ACE!
  1. Create a photobook for your child. Providing a photobook for the guest of honour that includes pictures (we suggest using a Polaroid or similar instant camera) and guest messages in coloured pen is a great way to make your child feel loved and treasured by everyone in his or her social circle.

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