5 Kids Party Food Ideas

The Perfect Balance Of Healthy And Fun: 5 Kids Party Food Ideas

With over two decades of experience hosting children’s parties, it’s little wonder that we here at Funky Frog Discos have picked up a few great kids party food ideas. If you’re looking for help planning refreshments to go along with our DJ services, look no further: We’ve listed our top 5 children’s party food tips below:

1) Variety truly is the spice of life. If you hire our expert kids DJ services, you’re going to have some happy and excited kids on your hands… And you can amp up this natural enthusiasm by offering a delightful array of different kids birthday party food choices. You’ll also ensure that kids with different dietary needs and preferences can find something to munch on, so that no one feels left out. (Remember: Always talk to the parents of your party guests about food allergies before planning your kids party food.)


2) Create small, simple portions reduce waste. Kids’ eyes tend to be bigger than their bellies—as much as they wish they could devour a giant portion of cake, half of it will usually wind up deposited in the bin by the end of the party. It’s therefore a good idea to divide party foods into individual servings and provide a range of light ‘finger foods’ for your young guests. Likewise, remember not to overdo it; your guests will probably only be over for a few hours, so you won’t need enough food to supply breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to 10-plus hungry children. Simple snack fare that won’t confuse or surprise anyone (kids tend to be picky eaters, after all) is the best way to reduce waste and hassle.


3) Don’t forget to factor in the weather. Ideally, kids birthday party food ideas should reflect the season they’re being served in, with lighter, cooler snack options (e.g., fruit, Jello cups) for summer and warmer dishes (such as fried mozzarella sticks) for winter.


4) Provide healthy snacks and beverages in addition to typical processed party fare. Not only does providing healthier options, like fruit pieces and veggies with dip, teach your children to associate healthy foods with ‘fun,’ some children actually don’t have much of a taste for typical junk foods and will appreciate having lighter choices to pick from. Additionally, while serving soda and juice is fine, always make sure there’s plenty of fresh hydrating water on tap (especially if you’re hiring a DJ service and your guests will be doing a lot of dancing).

5) Finally, don’t forget to involve your guests in creating your fun kids party food ideas. If there’s one thing we’ve seen time and time again when hosting kids parties, it’s that children are a lot more likely to eat food they help ‘make’ themselves. Not only does involving your guests in creating fun hand-assembled foods (such as tacos, burrito bowls, pizza, and sandwiches) allow them to add only what they like to their meals, it can make for an exciting party activity in and of itself. Finish it all off with a cupcake or ice-cream decorating station and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect party meal experience for your guests.


If you have any further questions about planning and organising your next kids party, why not get in touch? At Funky Frog Discos, we love nothing more than helping parents give their children the party of their dreams.

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